Message from Director General

Message from Director General
Dear Friends,
Over the past decade, KHCC has undergone a remarkable journey, becoming the hospital of choice for thousands of Arab patients seeking comprehensive cancer treatment.  Not only do our patients get the full medical and emotional support they need in a supportive environment without having to travel great distances, they can do so knowing that they are receiving the best possible cancer care on par with the top cancer centers in the world.
Our Center’s exceptionally high standard of care is evident in our knowledge-based and patient-centered approach. We have earned many accreditations from leading hospital quality evaluators – both local and international – which have been consistently renewed, confirming that our patients continue to receive the most specialized, comprehensive cancer care in the region.
KHCC has signed agreements with global cancer centers and institutions which gives us access to the largest network of top oncology research, education and clinical cancer care in the world. These valuable partnerships help us in developing and expanding our research capabilities in order to learn more about how to effectively fight cancer in the Middle East.
We are also looking forward to the completion of our new expansion, which will enable us to introduce new clinical programs, expand our research and academia and most importantly, provide more beds so that no patient is left behind. Meanwhile, we are continually updating the current center with cutting-edge technology to treat our patients as well as implementing a comprehensive strategy for cancer control.
Every day, cancer patients at KHCC win their battles against this complex disease and go on to live healthy, active and productive lives. This has long been the focus for our Center and will remain its focus in the years to come; to make the continual strides needed to ensure the best, comprehensive cancer care to patients of all ages, genders and nationalities.
Dr. Asem Mansour
CEO/Director General
King Hussein Cancer Center