Grieving Family & Friends

Grieving Family & Friends
Supporting Friends or Family Who Are Grieving
  • Acknowledge all feelings.
    • Their grief reactions are natural and necessary. Do not pass judgment on how “well” they are or are not coping.
  • Know that everyone grieves differently.
    • Know and accept that how your friend or family member copes with their loss may be very different from how you would cope, even in the same situation.
  • There is no right way to grieve and mourn.
    • Be very careful not to impose your expectations on someone else, no matter how much you think it might help.
  • Be specific in your willingness to help.
    • Do not be vague and say "If you need any help let us know." Take the initiative and offer assistance with chores such as childcare or meals.
  • Identify friends who might be willing to help with specific tasks on a regular basis
    • By getting a group of friends together and dividing chores among yourselves, such as picking up the kids from school or cooking meals, you will be a major help to the grieving family
  • Acknowledge that life won’t “feel the same” and the person may not be “back to normal.” 
    • Help the person to renew interest in past activities and hobbies, when they are ready, or discover new areas of interest.