Early Detection Services

Early Detection Services
What are early detection services?
Early detection services are services that help to diagnose common cancers (such as cancers of the breasts, lungs, cervix, colon and prostate) at their earliest stages, usually when no symptoms are present.
Why is early detection important?
When we discover cancer early, we have a much greater chance of fighting it successfully. Cancer treatment at early stages is usually very effective and less costly. At KHCC, we are deeply committed to promoting early detection of cancer as one of the most effective ways to fight the disease, as it greatly increases chances of survival.
What early detection resources are available at KHCC?
1. Screening:
  • The Early Detection Clinic at KHCC offers various screening tests for many types of cancer, for both men and women. We recommend that you schedule an appointment once a year to get screened, even if you feel completely healthy.
2. Educational:
  • Visitors to the Early Detection Clinic receive comprehensive, life-saving information and advice about how to prevent cancer as well as the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet.
  • KHCC Library: The KHCC Library provides a wide collection of health and medical reading material for anyone who is interested to learn more about cancer. These books vary from cancer awareness books to books about diet and nutrition during treatment for different cancers. We have made this material available in Arabic, which you can access online here.
  • Online early detection resources include: