Blood Cancers & Disorders

Blood cancers and disorders, also known as hematological disorders, affect the production and/or function of blood cells. Most cancers and disorders originate in the bone marrow, where the blood cells are produced and affect one of the three types of blood cells: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Blood cancers and disorders can be fast-growing or slow-growing depending on the type of condition, but they all occur when the blood cells in the body start to develop or grow abnormally. Such abnormal growth crowds out other healthy blood cells and prevents them from functioning properly, such as fighting off infections and performing a whole host of other essential life-saving functions.
The King Hussein Cancer Center treats all types of blood cancers and disorders including:

Not all blood disorders are cancerous. At the King Hussein Cancer Center, we treat and manage most other non-cancerous blood disorders too, such as: