Basma group- for cancer patients

Basma group- for cancer patients
About the group
The Basma group, which means "smile" in Arabic, connects cancer patients at KHCC together and embraces all patients, regardless of age or gender.
Despite the abundance of medical and family support, most cancer patients usually feel the need to connect with other cancer patients, as only another person going through the same experience will truly be able to relate to their stress and worries about overcoming this difficult disease. 
The Basma group provides:
  • Lots of different activities designed to entertain patients and take their mind off treatment
  • Group counseling sessions 
  • Guidance to help patients manage their cancer and cope with treatment
How you can help
If you are a cancer survivor who would like to make a difference, we encourage you to join the Basma group and share your cancer experience with our members to raise their morale.
Contact us
If you would like to join Basma group or find out more about it:
Tel: (+962-6) 55 44 960 ext 312