Anesthesiology and Pain Management

The Anesthesiology and Pain Management Department at KHCC provides anesthesia services and the highest standards of acute and chronic pain management to patients.
Our expertise
1. Anesthesia  services:
  • We provide state-of-the-art anesthesia service to all types of surgery in 6 operating rooms, 6 outside operating room (OR) locations and in the pre-operative clinic. The pre-operative clinic helps patients to prepare for surgery a few days in advance of their surgery by explaining to them the administration of anesthesia process and surgery process in detail as well as answering their questions and concerns. It is open two days per week. The presence of a pre-operative clinic is a great advantage at KHCC and does not exist in other hospitals in Jordan.               
2. Pain Services:
  • Acute Pain Service- KHCC offers acute pain services, which is a unique pain service in Jordan and rarely found in big hospitals. It is a nurse-based, anesthesiologist-supervised, round-the-clock service (24/7/365). It also covers pain consultations from other services.
  • Pain clinic - the pain management clinic at KHCC is open daily from 2-4pm.
3. Interventional pain management:
 Almost all types of interventional pain procedures are done at KHCC in collaboration with interventional radiology.
Department Faculty